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Everyone considers themselves to be at the very least a good driver. And, for the most part, everyone considers the roads they travel on every day to be safe. Most of the time they are, but consider the following scenario that can happen any day.

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    Police Misconduct Attorney

    Police misconduct includes any behavior that is improper, disgraceful or unbecoming of a police officer. It includes deliberately obtaining false confessions, false imprisonment, brutality, corruption, racial profiling, sexual abuse, intimidation, and surveillance abuse.

    Every day, police officers work a difficult and thankless job. In fact, some of the responsibilities placed on them are hugely stressful. Society tends to confer immense power and responsibility on a police officer. Like prosecutors, police officers are given the task of making society safe. But there are times when this zeal leads them to cross the line. While a majority of the police officers are ethical, hard-working, and committed to serve communities, mistakes do happen leading to the abuse of their power.

    When a police officer abuses power, it doesn’t just impact one citizen. It impacts the trust all of us place on law enforcement officers. Police misconduct attorneys in Kenner, LA at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess have more than two decades of experience in handling complicated brutality cases.


    • False Arrest: False arrests may violate federal civil rights as well as state common law.

    As per the Constitution, police cannot arrest an individual without a proper arrest warrant.If a person in arrested without a warrant, the victim is entitled to receive compensation for loss of liberty, mental agony, and pain and suffering.

    • Excessive Force: Police brutality often arises from the use of excessive force. In fact, use of excessive force remains one of the most common types of police brutality. Excessive force may include baton beatings, improper takedowns, firearm usage, and unwarranted use of Tasers.


    • Racial Discrimination: Ideally, no person should suffer unlawful treatment from a law enforcement officer. The entire purpose of law enforcement agencies is to protect the rights of citizens. Any racial discrimination on the part of a law enforcement officer is covered under police misconduct.


    • Prison Abuse: All citizens have certain constitutional rights. Physical abuse, starvation, torture, and failure to control inmate violence are different forms of prison abuse.


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    Solicitors at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess have comprehensive understanding of handling claims related to police misconduct or abuse. We strongly believe that law enforcement officers need to be accountable for their actions. Apart from handling police misconduct and personal injury claims, we are equally adept at handling offshore accident and wrongful death cases with ease.