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Offshore work is extremely dangerous and accidents are a regular occurrence. There are no hospitals and doctors nearby when things go wrong. People rely on helicopter evacuation and coast guard response. So, when an accident happens, the resulting injuries can be devastating, and in worst cases, fatal.

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    Offshore jobs such as those on oil rigs, natural gas platforms and other locations may turn out to be dangerous. Offshore operations require use of heavy equipment, working long hours, and proper skills and training. If something goes wrong, the results can be devastating. If you suffer injuries during offshore operations, maritime laws give you the right to seek compensation.

    There are many types of offshore and maritime accidents that could lead to serious harm. These include:

    • Fire and Explosion: Workers on offshore platforms are constantly surrounded by combustible materials. When ventilation systems fail, it could lead to deadly fires and explosions. The injuries that result from these accidents may turn out to be catastrophic and in worst cases, fatal. Determining liability in such cases requires comprehensive understanding of maritime laws and industry.
    • Slips and Falls: Oil rigs and ship decks are dangerous places to work, especially when the weather is bad. Other accidents that are common in offshore rigs include falls due to loose welds on stairways, corroded walkways, and accidents on ladders.
    • Exposure to Chemicals: Injuries may occur due to contact with hazardous materials. Being exposed to chemicals may lead to serious and long-term health consequences for workers. It’s important to adopt safety measures but they are often ignored.
    • Inadequate Training: When employers fail to provide adequate training and safety equipment, workers are more likely to get injured. Not training employees properly may constitute negligence on the part of the employer.

    Exposed to multiple dangers, it’s easy to understand why deaths among offshore workers are seven times higher compared to other professions.

    Offshore workers are at risk of suffering from:

    • Chemical burns
    • Eye injuries
    • Crush injuries
    • Broken bones
    • Cuts and bruises
    • Paralysis
    • Burns from hot surfaces

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    Offshore Accidents Require Specialized Legal Knowledge

    If you or your loved one has become a victim of a maritime-related case, reach out to an experienced attorney.


    In most instances, when a maritime worker is injured on the job, the insurance company and the employer make utmost effort to refuse compensation. This is why it’s always better to seek the assistance of an attorney.

    The solicitors at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess have more than two decades of experience in handling complicated offshore accident cases. We offer FREE initial consultation to enable you to obtain the right advice while pursuing your case. Our offshore injury lawyers in Kenner, LA are uniquely placed to understand the complications of oilfield injury cases due to their specialized knowledge in the area.


    As per state and federal laws, a seaman cannot file worker’s compensation like other normal employees. The Jones Act and the Maritime Law are in place to ensure that offshore workers are treated fairly.

    Jones Act

    The Jones Act provides protection to workers on sea vessels, jack-up rigs and oil rigs. Under the Jones Act, offshore workers are entitled to recover their lost wages and medical expenses. It’s important for offshore injury lawyers to prove that the loss was caused due to the negligence of the employer. Some types of accidents covered under the Jones Act include:

    • Oil rig accident
    • Oil tanker ship accident
    • Tugboat accident
    • Barge accident


    This Act covers employees that work on the docks. Longshoremen, shipbuilders and breakers, and harbor construction personnel are included in this Act. Coverage also includes medical costs for your injuries.


    This Act is in place to cover all funeral expenses and lost financial support. It is applicable to workers operating outside the three-mile territorial limit.


    This is one of the most basic rights of an offshore worker. It is meant to cover all transportation and medical costs. Maintenance and cure helps a worker pay the bills until the time work can resume.

    It’s true that the rights of offshore workers have not always been laid out. Employers often get away with providing unsafe working conditions, exposing the workers to danger.

    Only a well-trained solicitor has proper understanding of all the nuances of the law, which helps them present a strong case on behalf of the victims.


    A vessel may not be seaworthy for multiple reasons. There could be parts and machinery that do not fit. There could be negligence in repairs. Safety staff are present on each vessel to ensure that correct training procedures are followed. When you hire an offshore accident attorney, they investigate all the safety and maintenance records of the vessel.

    Companies operating the vessel have their own team of lawyers who work hard to prevent their client from being held responsible for the injuries. Thus, if you or your loved one has become a victim of offshore accident, seeking legal counsel is important. It’s possible that you may face bullying or pressure from your employer to remain silent. Such tactics are illegal, and having a trained attorney on your side can help you deal with them.


    When there’s an injury, money is often the first thing that comes to mind. Just like in any personal injury claim, medical bills start piling up in offshore accidents. Stubborn insurance companies make utmost effort to disburse minimum compensation.

    Our attorneys at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess are not only adept at handling offshore accident cases but equally proficient at tackling complicated car accident, truck accident and wrongful death cases with professionalism and competence.

    The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess exist to give you complete peace of mind. Our investigators help in evaluating liability factors such as:

    • Failure to hire qualified workers
    • Failure to train seamen
    • Failure to maintain the vessel
    • Failure to follow safety standards

    Irrespective of your income, there’s no need to go it on your own. Our legal professionals work with a team of trained paralegals, clerks, and assistants to try and ensure that our clients receive maximum compensation.